Power electronics intensive solutions 2 essay

History of technology Productivity improving technologies date back to antiquity, with rather slow progress until the late Middle Ages.

Power electronics intensive solutions 2 essay

This is mainly the result of Power electronics intensive solutions 2 essay implementation of cost-leadership and differentiation strategy over the years. He believes that communicating the vision to the employee is almost as important as coming out with new products Elliot.

In simple terms, Cult marketing is actually a tool used in strategy to strengthen customer loyalty Schneiders, This element has significant positive impact as it allows Apple to have the strongest customer loyalty in the world and achieve the highest repurchase rate in the electronic field MacNN, Technological The market for mobile phone and other electronic products that Apple offers puts them in a hyper competition environment driven by the fast pace of technological changes.

In which, Apple aims to offer new product lines that replaces older products making their them obsolete and thus preventing competitor from doing so. With this principle to beat itself, Apple managed to beat its competitors too MacVarish, Legal The intellectual property war has long being used as tool in technology and management strategy by companies such as Apple to gain strategic advantage against their competitors.

Apple alone has filled as many aspatents for the IPhone and other Smartphone covering the design and functionality of these products Cusumano, One such case is the lawsuit in the U. This verdict allows the IPhone to gain distinctive advantage in the US market and at the same time helped Apple in advertising and broadcast IPhone originality.

In addition the amount of damage awarded to Apple could be counted as revenue which eventually increases the profit margin significantly for of Apple that quarter. Using the competitive forces, it would identify the competitiveness and its ability to position itself with diversification.

It will show its sustainability and profitability of its iPhone series. Presently, there are a few well-established competitors that have a large market share and economies of scale which limits new entrants from entering. Its strong brand presence and consumer loyalty is a hindrance to potential entrants Bostic, New entrants require a large amount of capital investment, so as to compete against the market leaders.


Due to large economies of scale, it is nearly impossible for this new entrants to enter and gain substantial market share. Sometimes, there is a need for new entrant to innovate such as creating distinctive features or software to compete.

But this usually brought about by lack of resources as investing in ample resources does not come cheap. Legal terms such as patents and trademarks serves as a barrier to new entrants. New entrants also face barriers such as legal terms.

These are usually patents or trademarks that the dominants players have. This market leaders such as Apple Inc have patents on its designs of iPhones including software such as iTunes. This prevents any infringements from new entrants to copy similar ideas.

After all, Apple is still a dominant player in the smart-phone market and competing against Apple really requires a new entrant high start-up costs. Smart-phones have become a commodities item that any person will require.

As such, dominant players have been placing an emphasis on competitive pricing. This will enable them to gain an edge over competitors.

These competitors are generally of comparable size with Apple in its operations. Due to stiff rivalry, Apple will differentiate itself in terms of design features and functionalities.

Its competitors have also aggressively seek a leadership position in the smart-phone market by constantly innovating and seeking new changes. The result of technology advancement has also caused an increased competition to seek change in the industry.

This in turn results in rivalry among smart-phone players to streamline its products and constantly refreshed its gadgets to meet the demand, so as to stay in competition. Apple Inc Report, Although it may seem that Apple has an extensive array of substitutes in the market, but its proprietary nature of products sets itself apart from competitors.

Presently, its threat of substitutes of its smart-phones e.Power electronics intensive solutions for advanced electric, hybrid electric, and fuel cell vehicular power systems A Emadi, SS Williamson, A Khaligh IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 21 .

PEL was founded in and has since been serving the Power utilities, industries, individual customers, housing and commercial projects by providing reliable, customized and cost effective solutions. Mar 21,  · Companies such as Green Plug — a major player in the AC/DC power adapter industry in recent years — offer solutions to give devices the exact amount of power .

Furthermore, these solutions use either a computationally-intensive cryptographic scheme, the a priori relation between the host and the network or a modified protocol stack at every host.

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In this paper, we provide a seamless and transparent solution to eliminate IP broadcasting and thus eliminate all problems related to IP broadcasting.

Each day, billion liters of waste water from sewage, domestic and industrial sources is dumped directly into the river, posing a serious public health crisis to over million in the Ganga River Basin.

Power electronics intensive solutions 2 essay

IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics covers fundamental technologies used in the control and conversion of electric power.

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