Potlatch in malaysia

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Potlatch in malaysia

It is the spectre of the gift. Everywhere the fight goes on, to get people to respect property, and to accept the miseries that come with such respect, such as work, destitution, and injustice.

It is an endless fight by necessity. The minute it ceases, or weakens e. They riot, and they loot. They relieve things of their fixed commodity values. The redistribution of these relieved things does not take the form of a sale, nor even a trade.

Without a fixed price, they can only be considered as gifts. Many societies throughout the world practiced their entire economic activities along the lines of gift-exchanges, the most famous of which is the Potlatch in malaysia.

Potlatching is making a comeback! This was recently demonstrated in in South-Central Los Angeles, when more than twelve-thousand people took to the streets to Potlatch in malaysia themselves through the destruction of great amounts of accumulated wealth. Cranmer, being true to his Kwakiutl traditions, planned to celebrate the event with a long feast during which he would give everyone gifts.

That night there was a dance. The next day he gave away twenty-four canoes, pool tables for two chiefs, four gasoline boats, and another pool table.

He gave away blankets, gaslights, violins and guitars, kitchen utensils and three-hundred trunks. Women were given bracelets, shawls and dresses. Sweaters and shirts were given to youngsters, and coins were thrown in the air for children to collect.

Another dance was held afterwards. He did not remember what he did on the third day perhaps he was in a swoon. During the fourth day he gave away sewing machines, gramophones, bedsteads, and bureaus, along with more boxes and trunks. On the fifth day he gave away cash.

Rioting & Looting: As a Modern-Day Form of Potlatch | The Anarchist Library

And on the sixth he gave away about sacks of flour, each worth three dollars a lot of money inas well as some sugar. It was one of the largest potlatches on record. The reasoning behind this act was produced by a typical blend of missionary and governmental rationales which had as their goal the assimilation of Aboriginals into modern society, and the extinction of their cultures.

The motives behind these goals were hardly just misguided altruism. In reality, The Canadian government as did the American government was seeking the absolute extension of the rule of property.

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Potlatching was a threat to this rule because among other things, potlatching was an economic system of distribution that followed along communal lines. It took commodities and turned them into gifts, thus mocking the entire system of capitalist production.

The big project was figuring out how to get these people to work. Forcing practices of private property on them seemed the obvious choice. Cranmer might as well have gone a-looting.

The Nature of Potlatch Potlatching is but one form of an economic system that is based not on barter or sale, but is based on compulsory gift-giving. We now know that various forms of the gift economy existed all over the world. During these gatherings there would be feasting, dancing, and the redistribution of property or its destruction.

In these societies, children were raised with the idea of the gift firmly implanted in their worldview. For example, Franz Boas observed that when a Kwakiutl child is born, it is first given the name of the birthplace, which it keeps for about a year. Then a relative of the child gives a paddle or a mat to each of the clan members to mark the occasion of his second name.

When a boy reaches puberty, he takes his third name, by distributing gifts to everyone in his clan. It is in effect, his first potlatch. He is usually assisted in this ceremony by relatives, especially the nobility.

This was the general mechanism by which he acquired rank and status within his society. The status of the host gift-giver was directly proportional to his capacity for gift-giving. The greater the gift, the greater the status of the giver.

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This station in Potlatch, Washington was turned into a religious meeting hall. Hey, Ad; potlatch, yes!

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Potlatch in malaysia

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