Plastic advantages disadvantages essays

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Plastic advantages disadvantages essays

What exactly is plastic? It is basically synthetic matter materialwhich is made from a variety of several organic polymers, such as nylon, PVC, polyethylene etc. They are basically organic polymers that have a higher molecule mass and they usually also contain several other substances.

Later on many scientists further added to the science of plastic materials. However, later, by the end of the century, the idea of recycling came into the limelight to deal with this problem. Due to their versatility, the fact that they are impervious to water and because they are generally easier to manufacture, it is used in a wide range of products of different types that used for different purposes.

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It have completely replaced the use of some of the natural materials that were previously used for certain purposes in the ancient times such as bone, stone, wood, leather, metal, and horn, metal, ceramic glass etc.

In most of the developed countries it is being widely used in the packaging of products and also in the constructions and buildings industry in the form of plumbing, vinyl, piping etc. Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Plastic Since the beginning, plastic allowed innumerable advances in our industry and way of our living.

Plastic advantages disadvantages essays

Produced as a light, chemically resistant, durable, and easy to produce, it was a flawless building material for numerous articles which are not only used by normal users in their daily activities but also in the construction industry, aeronautics, electronics, transportation, energy conservation, packaging, scientific components and so on.

Every benefit comes with a cost. Plastic, like other materials, also has a cost. Shopping bags are example of plastics which have almost no weight at all.

The lightweight is not just limited to manufacture shopping bags. Now days, even the automobile industry is using plastic to manufacture fuel efficient, lightweight cars. The solid material is shaped in such a way that the safety is not compromised and it adds up more benefits in return.

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Strong and Durable The word plastic may sound delicate and it is true that some kinds of plastics are easily damaged but there are other kinds which are strong enough to protect you. An example of such plastic made products can be the bullet proof vests which are lightweight and solid.

Car dashboards are another example of products made from it. These lightweight dashboards are much safer and would cause less damage in case of an accident. The bumpers are also made up of it, which are good shock absorbers. Much Cheaper It is true that there are other alternatives available which are as strong and reliable as it is, but one thing that gives advantages of plastic a higher position is the price factor.

It is quite cheaper compared to its alternatives. With the help of this material, this long term goal is made possible.

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It is also used by many manufacturers and it helps them to manufacture good quality goods at a lower rate which further helps them to become the market king. Advantages of Water Resistant Plastic is a water resistant material which makes it perfect for the protection of those things which can get damaged by water.

It can be used to make a mobile phone cover or a raincoat. This property of this material makes it one of the most important materials that exist on planet earth! No Smell Unlike other materials, it is odorless. This property of plastic is very unique.

If you have to choose it or any other material to wrap a gift you would definitely prefer this because of this property. An odorless material can be used to cover a sweet dish without worrying about the smell. It is indeed very popular among chefs! Recyclable and Reusable The Last Advantages of Plastic are one of those materials that can be recycled and reused.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Full Essay in Points Disadvantages of Plastic Decomposes Slowly As like advantages the first Disadvantages of Plastic is the strong and durability is beneficial when it comes to protection but these same features turn evil when it comes to decomposition.

Vivo V7 Plus Review: Advantages, Disadvantages, Problems: Acc to full specs of Vivo V7 Plus Pros and Cons, drawbacks,Tips & Tricks,How to fix problems,Comparision – short description about topic. We have all seen and used umbrellas. An umbrella is used to protect man from the sun and rain. The umbrella is usually in the shape of a dome. “Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic”. It have completely replaced the use of some of the natural materials that were previously used for certain purposes in the ancient times such as bone, stone, wood, leather, metal, and horn, metal, ceramic glass etc.

It is hard to break down which means that the landfills and seas being affected by plastic will have to suffer for a long time. Sea animals may die as a result and land pollution increases. In a research, scientists discovered that there are certain materials in plastic which cause cancer.Advantages and disadvantages of plastic surgery essay Once the objective would be to create oneself appear better in virtually any type, the very first choice that will hit on the mind might possibly be cosmetic surgery.

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