Parasitic architecture thesis

September 01, "What does it mean to be a wall? Watson lives in the world of architectural theory, a world in which buildings breathe and parasites are more than pests. The idea is to strip down a building into a kind of essence that answers a question. Bricks, masonry—all the work that went into making a single brick," said Watson.

Parasitic architecture thesis

The ambition is to fully explore the potential of framework structure as spatial modifier to not only allow different programmes to diffuse together, but also offers individuals control on their desired degree of privacy.

What In Hong Kong with high density, there are tendency to develop mixed use building to maximise space use, where more public program always developed from ground level and more private use sits above. This phenomenon has led to the creation of shop-houses to podium-tower building typology, causes separation between public use space and private use space.

No doubt the podium-tower typology is able to maximise building efficiency, but at the same time it further controls our behaviour and limits our movement within these wall.

Is there a way to dissolve this segregation, allow people freedom to move beyond fixed walls and able to control their level of privacy as they wanted? The site is set to be in Hong Kong, within highly populated area that consists of wide diversity programme and building typologies.

The idea is to develop parasitic structure that attach to existing buildings, the scale of this study develop from installation scale to building scale. The arrangement of the space controls our social behaviour pattern and define our social areas. We differentiate spaces through degree of privacy, and the degree of privacy determines our behaviour within that space.

Parasitic architecture thesis

Shop houses is a simple showcase of the idea on separation between social space and private space. High privacy level requires for living space was achieved by detached it from ground level.

However, in dense populated cities, the segregation becomes an issue as the boundary between private and public is very distanced vertical separation.

The tower development reduces our interaction communication space to just lift lobby and inside the lift. I see the urgency to response to this underlying phenomenon happening around us, to bridge private use and public use by not only allowing programmes to diffuse together but also by allowing individuals control on their desired degree of privacy.

Therefore, the architecture becomes more respon-sive to inhabitant condition. The idea is to explore the use of framework structure, such as scaffolding, as a methodology to approach this issue.

Framework structure has the properties of temporarily, flexibility, transformability, ambiguity between boundaries, structurally stable and lightweight, which I think possess similar quality of a parasite, highly adaptive and allows growth.

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Parasitic architecture thesis

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Parasitic Architecture | citymovement Short Summary of Project Evaluating the potential of green roof agriculture NSERC undergraduate research summary As the world's population becomes increasingly urbanized, issues of urban sustainability are becoming more important.

Wilson, considering the planning and architectural imaginings of Yona Friedman and Peter Cook, while investigating systems of urban land use through Charles Jencks, I plan to investigate the viability of architecture in the upper canopy of the city.

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Mar 29,  · Parasitic Architecture March 29, · by Sara · in Architecture, Artists, Fiction. Architecture academia posted some ideas about parasitical architecture and I would really like to continue the dialogue and focus on some artistic parasitic projects.

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