Modern gadgets and youth

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Modern gadgets and youth

The technology has been growing rapidly for quite some time, and has now become an important part of life. The technology has its impact on people of all fields and ages. Yeah, it has impacts on children as well.

As you know, everything has its positive and negative impacts. For the proper growth of your children, it is highly necessary for you to have knowledge of positive and negative impacts of technology on them.

Check them out below. Impact of technology on children. Children can access the web and get the detailed knowledge about any topic. The education games help them to perform well in academics.

Modern gadgets and youth

Competition Skills All kids like to play video games. The competition skills that children learn from the video games help them compete with others in the real world. The surveys conducted from time to time tell that due to increasing use of gadgets, children are suffering from the health problems like back pain, weak eyesight etc.

Social Relationship Technological gadgets have posed a bad impact on social relationships. Children are addicted to gadgets. They prefer to connect with their friends and relatives via text messaging, chatting etc. Means, they are connected with others in the virtual world, but not in the real world.

Poor Academic Performance Technology has been found to have its negative impact on academic performance on most of children. There are many technological gadgets to which children are addicted. They waste their valuable time on these silly gadgets without worrying about the studies.

This is resulting in their poor academic performance. Negative Impact on Character This is one of the biggest problems created by growing technology. Children are future of our country, our world. The sad thing is that due to increasing technology, children have been found going away from their moral values.

Rather than using Internet in productive manner, children use it as source of adult content. Negative Impact on Writing Skills Writing is an art which every person must own.

Modern gadgets and youth

Technology has its negative effect on writing skills of children. Standard English is not used in the text messaging, chatting. While writing text messages, no one cares about the spelling, punctuation and grammar.Chip Conley is a New York Times bestselling author.

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His next book, [email protected]: The Making of a Modern Elder, is being published on September 18 and is available for pre-order. Impact Of Technology On Children Today’s modern life is surrounded with tech products. The technology has been growing rapidly for quite some time, and has now become an important part of life.

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What are the good and bad effects of gadgets