Loctite corporation

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Loctite corporation

Loctite is in the business of solving customers' problems. When a customer buys Loctite, they get more than a product--they get a partner who will work side-by-side with them to find innovative solutions to their manufacturing problems.

From engineering and testing programs to manufacturing products on the factory floor, Loctite brings a world of expertise and experience to its customers. In a design-through-assembly partnership, no one adds value like Loctite. The manufacturer of Super Glue, Loctite Corporation sells more than 1, types of high-technology sealants, adhesives, and coatings, marketing its products to industrial and consumer markets in more than 80 countries.

Although Loctite's greatest fame comes from its consumer products, notably Super Glue, the company derives the majority of its sales from industrial customers. Loctite products are used in a variety of industrial applications, ranging from electronics to cosmetics. Origins The story of Loctite Corporation begins at Dr.

Krieble's son Robert, who was also a chemist, worked for General Electric Company's chemical business in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Bob had been working on the development of a synthetic sealant that was labeled "anaerobic permafil. The problems associated with handling the product puzzled him, and he consulted his father about the chemical's strange behavior.

Vernon Krieble discovered that the liquid, when applied to nuts, bolts, and fasteners, would flow into the crevices and harden and lock them together.

The major problem that remained was how to package the product while keeping it aerated; if it was packaged in a sealed container it would harden.

Invented fifty years ago by Loctite Corporation, now Henkel Corporation, this revolutionary method to lock and seal threaded fasteners with liquid anaerobic adhesives has found worldwide acceptance. Suited for a wide range of applications, from delicate electronic components to heavy industrial equipment, Loctite® threadlockers have dramatically. Loctite Corporation is a business providing services in the field of Hardware Stores. The business is located in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, United States. Their telephone number is () LOCTITE ® MRO solutions are designed to protect your assets, reduce operating costs and improve the overall efficiency and safety of the plant. To control costs and prevent downtime, LOCTITE ® proudly offers various value-added programs including.

The problem was solved after the Plax Company, a division of Emhart Corp. The Plax bottles eliminated the need for separate storage devices and aerating devices, such as air compressors, to keep the liquid from hardening.

This product became the pilot product of the American Sealants Company which Professor Krieble formed in The Kriebleses began cautiously, selling the sealant system to a few companies in the Hartford area. Byhowever, Professor Krieble retired from Trinity College and was eager to devote time to the commercial development of the product.

This liquid locknut became known as "Loctite" and made its public debut at a press conference in New York City. Anticipating growth, the company moved to a production facility in Newington, Connecticut, and established a distribution facility in Australia.

A plant in Puerto Rico opened in Loctite would prove invaluable for mechanical engineers searching for ways to enhance friction. Despite precise machining, there are generally some inner spaces that are sources of leakage, looseness, and wear in machinery and motors.

Kenneth Butterworth described in The Loctite Story that "Loctite liquids flow into all of that surface roughness, then harden because there's no oxygen available. The hardened Loctite keys the two surfaces together.

Business people were also wary, but they were intrigued by the potential for cost reductions. The fact that Loctite was extremely cheap to produce and eliminated the need for mechanical locking devices, such as lockwashers, helped the company overcome such skepticism.

Because Loctite competed directly with mechanical locking devices, Krieble priced its product in the same range--although the actual manufacturing cost was much less. The company educated customers about Loctite's usage and potential. The Loctite system also included customer equipment and products required for assembly line applications.

Loctite corporation

As Butterworth noted in The Loctite Story, "We don't just sell a bottle of glue, we sell a system and the system can cost one million dollars.

As its liquid washer grew in popularity, American Sealants changed its name to the Loctite Corporation in President Vernon Krieble died in and his son Robert succeeded him, presiding over a line of cyanoacrylate adhesives--better known as Super Glue--and a new anaerobic structural adhesive.

Late s Diversification By the company was poised to enter into the booming automobile market.For over 50 years, people have trusted Loctite Super Glues, Construction Adhesives, Sealants, Glue Products & Epoxy on the most challenging projects and repairs jobs.

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