Identify the different personal and external factors that influence children and young peoples devel

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Identify the different personal and external factors that influence children and young peoples devel

Friday, 7 February Factors Influencing the Development of Children and Young People Child development is an on-going process from birth until reaching adulthood and typically follows a pattern and a sequence which means that each step takes place in at certain age and in a usual order that is similar in most cases.

However, we have to take into consideration the fact that each child is a unique personality and their social, emotional, intellectual, physical and language development is formed by individual, internal and external factors.

These influencing factors can be categorised in different ways. We can regard positive, or protective factors, that enable the child to have a normal or even faster than normal development without any serious hindrances; and negative or risk factors that increase the possibility of developmental delays.

Child and Young Person Development All children have to face difficulties but it depends on the balance of protective and risk factors if these problems eventually affect their development or not.

These two types of influences can stem from several internal characteristics or external circumstances that I attempt to summarize below.

Personal Factors Internal or personal factors influencing child development include motivation and characteristics, disabilities and illnesses and learning difficulties that a child can suffer from. Motivation Children have an innate curiosity to learn and discover and a motivation to find pleasurable activities.

Identify the different personal and external factors that influence children and young peoples devel

When they start school, however, their internal motivation is replaced by a wish to perform well in the eyes of the teacher and to fit in amongst their peers. If their only motivation for learning is to receive good grades and not to be embarrassed in front of their peers, failing a test despite their efforts in learning can lead to a loss of interest and a regression of development.

Nevertheless, if children are not forced to achieve only good grades but allowed to find the joy in learning, their aim will be to quench their curiosity, and a lower grade will not necessarily mean disappointment.

Identify the different personal and external factors that influence children and young peoples devel

What is more they will put more effort into discovering topics of their choice that interests them, which eventually results in cognitive and intellectual development. Motivation of Children Disabilities and Illnesses Although schools nowadays go an extra mile in accommodating physically disabled children in mainstream education and providing the same opportunities for learning and development for everyone, wheelchair bound children e.

A limited control of the limbs can make it more difficult or sometimes impossible for these children to take part in all the normal everyday activities with their peers and has a negative effect on the development of their fine or gross motor skills.

Debbie65, An illness like asthma can prevent a child from running around with the others, being active and energetic. It does not only mean a disadvantage in their physical improvement but also makes it harder for these children to develop social bonds because the playground or the after school activities would be the perfect place to make friends.

Not to mention the fact that the missed lessons makes it harder for them to learn the required material and they may fall behind in their academic development too.

Debbie65, If a child e.

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It can result in a feeling of being an outsider, especially if they even have to take extra lessons separated from the others. Dyspraxia, the lack of coordination and space awareness can affect physical development through the defect of fine and gross motor skills.

If it is paired up with a language and perception disorder, the child may find it hard not only to understand the lesson but also to communicate with their peers between sessions. Therefore both intellectual and social development will suffer.

Family environment There are various family backgrounds a child may come from. If they grow up in an extended family circle, in close relationship not only with their parents and siblings but also with their grandparents and cousins, they might feel more protected by the people who surround them and have more opportunities to develop socially through frequent interactions with their relatives.Describe with Examples the Kinds of Influences That Affect Children and Young Peoples Development Including, Background, Health, Environment.

Assessment Task TDA – Child and young person development. Task 2 links to learning outcome 2, assessment criteria and The interaction of personal and environmental factors It can often be the case that personal and environmental factors combine to cause a person to behave in challenging ways.

For example, if a person has difficulty in speaking due to their disability then this is a personal factor. External factors have far-reaching affects on your child's development. Your child's home environment, the friends with whom he spends time, the food that he eats and the amount of screen time -- not to mention the content -- are factors that influence his physical, social and cognitive development in powerful positive and negative ways.

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Understand the factors that influence children and young people 's development and how these affect practice.

2a. How development is influenced by personal and external factors Personal factors Childrenâ€TMs development will be influenced by a wide range of factors.

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