Human resources practice 2 essay

Assess the possible explanations for enduring forms of discrimination at the workplace. Discuss the reasons why employers should bother with policies designed to promote equal opportunities and diversity management With the qualities that male or female workers are presumed to possess is the perceptions about a particular work being suitable for a particular gender due to the difference in numerical figures of those present for example the existence of more women than men in the nursing profession while there are more men than women engineers Lips,

Human resources practice 2 essay

Download this Essay in word format. Human Resource Management is a practice of managing human skills, capacities and talents, to ensure their effective usage in the attainment of organizational goals, objectives and overall competitiveness Youssef, Every Human Resource manager performs various functions of recruiting, hiring, selecting and training competent employees.

In addition, the manager offers competitive compensation and benefits packages, which attract, motivate and retain qualified employees. However, it is the function of the Personnel manager to devise ways, which will increase the employee effectiveness in performing the jobs.

These ways include training, offering education and developing the capacities of the employees. As a result, there is an improvement of the employee contribution towards the attainment of organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Human resources practice 2 essay

Effective management of employees' productivity is a crucial element in attaining organizational success Youssef, High levels of productivity enable the organization to offer high compensation and benefits packages, which do not affect its competitive levels.

Effective personnel management practices reduce employee turnover, increase performance and contribute positively towards organizational financial performance. In addition, effective Human Resource Management practices enhance employee motivation and morale.

Human resources practice 2 essay

This aids in attracting a competent workforce that steers the organizations toward the achievement of its goals and objectives. Therefore, the primary function of Human Resource Management is to increase employee effectiveness and thus contribute towards organizational competitive advantage in the market.

EEO and Affirmative Action Equal Employment Opportunity is an employment practice of a Human Resource Manager, which ensure non-discrimination in offering employment opportunities in the organization Kreitner, Discrimination occurs in the lines of race, age, gender, sex, nationality and physical and mental ability.

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Therefore, it is a guiding principle of the Equal Employment Opportunity that every person ought to have equal access to employment opportunity. On the other hand, Affirmative Action is an aspect of the Federal Government, which ensures equal employment opportunities Kreitner, The main purpose of the Affirmative Action is to ensure fairness and fight discrimination in employment.

It facilitates these by encouraging outreach efforts to attract minorities and women to apply for job vacancies in organizations. The Affirmative Action also ensures that Human Resource managers implement the Equal Employment Opportunity laws, which forbid discrimination.

Human Resource Managers depict discrimination while carrying out personnel functions of hiring, recruitment, selection, training and development, promotion, compensation and termination. Firstly, the managers should carry out a bias-free selection process.


Achievement of this is possible through forming selection committees that carry out the selection process. In addition, the managers should carry out a proper evaluation of the candidates to ensure that the knowledge plus skills and are in line with the job. Above that, the manager should maintain proper documents, for example, Interview Data Forms that record the details of the candidate in relation to the job.

Facilitation of this is through giving clear indications of managers and supervisors' responsibilities in the job descriptions.

Thirdly, the Personnel manager should devise strategies of evaluating the performance of supervisors and employees, in implementing the EEOAA responsibilities Kreitner, Fourthly, the manager should offer training and education to supervisors and employees, on carrying out the responsibilities of Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action EEOAA.

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Fifthly, the manager should maintain the good work environment, which discourage harassment and making of ethnic jokes. Sixth, the Personnel manger should encourage and invest in equal staff development.

All employees should have equal access to development opportunities. Finally, the manager should develop and inform supervisors and employees on non-discrimination policy. In addition, there should be development of guidelines for resolving complaints relating to discrimination in the organization.Essay Example: The Practice of Human Resource Management.

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Human Resources Essay

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Vendor Relations – loss of customer, strained relations with production and logistics c. Reputation – simple start from scratch, loss of . Human Resource Practices And Human Resources - Human resource practices According to the (B), Human resource management consists of those activities designed to provide for and coordinate the people of an organization.

A Human Resources Value Analysis of Canada’s Top Employers, Best Employers in Canada, and The Queen’s Competition This human resources study will recommend two of the largest promotional competitions for business rankings found in Canada’s Top Employers and Best Employers in .

Human Resource Management Policies and Practices in the United States the needs of HR professionals and advance the professional practice of human resource Human resource management (HRM.

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