Excellent teacher

What makes us scurry quickly from the latter and flock to the former?

Excellent teacher

Practically speaking, however, teachers of young children need to possess or hone the qualities that will enable them to work with and motivate young children, while finding the joy and success in each and every day. Enthusiasm for Children According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the most important characteristic for teachers of early childhood development is enthusiasm and passion for children.

This goes well beyond enjoying being will children. It means wanting to make a difference to each and every child. Teachers must have the drive to unlock every child's door to learning, overcoming any obstacle a child may have. Patience and Humor Working with young children all day takes huge measures of patience.

The nature of their age makes young children rambunctious, with short attention spans and little self control. Every child is different, too, making the job even more challenging. After a long, tiring day full of challenges, teachers of young children must come back and meet the same and new challenges the next day.

A patient nature, combined with a sense of humor, helps teachers take the ups and downs of every day in stride, while focusing on the end goals.

Communication Skills Teachers need to have learned effective skills for working with young children and for communicating with them at their level.

Ten Traits of a Great Teacher

Then teachers need to be able to communicate with the child's parents about his needs, skills, problems and achievements, so both parties can help the child without undue emotion. On a daily basis, the teacher must communicate with other teachers who may teach her class, as well as the school principal and other administrators.

The more effectively the teacher can communicate to all involved -- both orally and in writing -- the more rewarding and positive her job will be.

Respect of Differences Every child comes to school with a unique personality and learning style. To reach each child and teach each child effectively, teachers must respect these differences and work with each child's style, rather than try to force the child to adapt to another style.

In our global society, teachers must also be prepared for multicultural classrooms with many ethnicities, cultures and traditions represented. A classroom where these differences are not merely tolerated but are welcomed and embraced creates an open and exciting learning atmosphere.

Creativity and Flexibility Planning lessons that will engage young children and educate them at the same time takes creativity. Adapting lessons to individual learning styles requires flexibility.

Regardless of how organized a teacher is, and how well she has planned the day, she needs to remain flexible to handle all the glitches that can throw off the day. She must also be willing to change plans and ideas as needed.

A successful early childhood development teacher will use creativity and flexibility to make every day a positive one for her and for the class.

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How to Be an Excellent Teacher

She holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Pittsburgh.It is not easy to walk on the road that leads you to your destiny of becoming an excellent teacher. This road is neither straight nor clear. It is full of hazardous turns and piercing stones that block your way.

An excellent teacher is viewed as one who contributes positively to the learning environment by providing exceptional energy, keen interest in students, and extraordinary strengths in the following five roles.

The teacher's job is to take advanced knowledge and make it accessible to the students. A good teacher allows students to understand the material, and to understand what it means (because it is one thing to understand how nuclear bombs work, but quite another to understand what nuclear bombs mean).

Mar 22,  · >>>>> An excellent teacher is a person of deep knowledge in the field of study for which she or he provides instruction, and an educator with the pedagogical skill to .

Excellent teacher

The Office of Academic Support provides and manages Excellent Teacher, a course developed for University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) medical residents, fellows and other appropriate trainees. Excellent Teacher is an online, self-paced program that .

An excellent teacher is a role model for the students. She assumes several roles to pave her way towards success. An excellent teacher must be an instructional leader.

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