Eassy on my childhood memories

I decided that I was never doing that, and I've been happily childfree ever since. Getting fixed this year, whoo! I have a three and a half year old, and as he's growing older I'm becoming aware of how intense his experiences are, and it's made me curious what sort of things "stick" with people over the course of their life. It's also made me think more about what sort of control if anyI have as a parent.

Eassy on my childhood memories

Are they the best moments in life, the ones we remember or the events we try to forget? When asked, people generally seem to say the moments they consider the best: Weddings, graduations, the birth of children and personal enlightenment.

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The key word here, it seems, is Greatest, and Great does not necessarily mean best, it means most important. The Greatest moments in life are just as likely to be tragedies as they are triumphs because bad moments are just as likely to influence and impact on us as enjoyable moments.

So perhaps when we say what are The Greatest Moments in life, what we really mean is; what pivotal moments in life have the most effect? McTaggart, metaphysicist and Philosopher, once described time as an extremely turbulent Ocean of infinite width and unknown length.

The present, he said, is a storm of infinite width and the length of a single moment. As the storm passes across the ocean, it freezes it at that precise instant and it becomes the past.

People consider memories, and the memories they term Great especially, to be an important part of their identity and character. But although most people agree that they have had greatest moments, what these moments actually are is a highly subjective matter, both for individuals Eassy on my childhood memories societies.

The terrorist attacks of September the 11th,are widely regarded as a tragedy, and a tragedy that was not only tragic in itself, but produced tragic consequences.

It was in the immediate aftermath of the attacks that the Bush administration declared a War on Terror, a war that has resulted and is still resulting in the deaths of thousands of civilians and soldiers on both sides. Does that make it important to another individual at all?

Would you compare the effect September 11 has on your personality and life to the effect that your children have? The Greatest Moments in life are similar only in that they seem to be memories of an event, memories that have a great effect on the person or society concerned, and as such, they are susceptible to the same bias, inaccuracy, and mental editing that affects the rest of our memories.

In many ways our memories are more our own construction than any real reflection of reality, and the importance we place on parts of the past is often disproportionate to the actual effect they had. Saint Augustine described the present as a knife edge, and argued that neither the past nor the future exist, and are merely a fantasy with the aim of making ourselves feel important.

Although you may think that a moment was important to you, and therefore a moment you think of as Great, the only impact it has on your life is the way in which you apply that moment, and the knowledge gained from it, to the present.

The present, Saint Augustine and his modern day counterparts say, is the only moment that can be changed and therefore the only moment that we exist in. The past on the other hand only exists as our memories, and even then these memories, and therefore the moments most people deem the Greatest in life, are really our own creation, and therefore the effect they have on our lives is also not as Great as perhaps we think it is.

If the Greatest Moments in life are the most important ones, the moments that define us, surely the only Great Moment is the present? These other events, these memories are only a reflection of something that no longer exists, and clouded, subjective reflections at that. The present, on the other hand, is a moment of near infinite possibilities.

Now, as you sit here, the Greatest moment of life is being played out. It is the only moment in life you can change, the only instant that is significant and the only thing that exists. There are many people who would disagree with me on this, people who value their memories and see them, and therefore their greatest moments, as being more important that listening to a speech, washing the dishes or any of the other multitude of menial tasks they perform every day.

How can the Present be so important if we depend on the past to make sense of the world?

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To put it another way, we can only remember washing up in the present, and therefore only in the present do we have the opportunity to make a choice, to do the washing up or not to. It is, however, a mistake to place a great amount of importance on memories.

In my opinion, the truth of the statement lies in the importance of applying ourselves to the present, and not to contemplation of past events. Think carefully, because the past might be useful, but only when its applied to the present, only when it contributes towards the greatest moment in life.

Rather than memories of events in the past, the Greatest moment in life is the only moment in life that we can live.

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Eassy on my childhood memories

Jul 27,  · Perhaps all of your childhood memories are still intact but in a form you can't access anymore. Yet another view is that young children's brains simply don't have the tools to .

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must watch (Very Eassy). CHILDHOOD MEMORIES OF EVERY INDIAN s KIDS - Duration: The RawKnee Show , views. Sarah 10th Grade My life as a military child always consisted of adapting to my habitat no matter where my family was stationed. One thing the military taught me was to seize the day.

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