E commerce another dimension business

It differs from e-commerce, m-commerce and e-marketing.

E commerce another dimension business

Their servers host leading web sites like Yahoo! They allow these firms to deliver content and applications online round the clock without fail. They are expanding from 19 data centers to 34 data centers this year.

They have become the worldwide leaders in networking for the Internet today. They offer expertise in planning and executing Internet enabled solutions. The company has grown in the past 7 years with 71 acquisitions to its credit, the latest being its investments in an optical equipment company and speech recognition software makers.

Their business model could be termed an acquisition one! COM The customer is King here! Amazon pampers their customers, tracks their tastes and uses this information to create a unique customer experience. This e-tailer cultivates relationships that lead to customers liking and trusting them.

This kind of service surpasses the most brilliant technology in use today. Amazon brought in the world of successful one-to-one marketing, a personal touch from another era.

Recently though, they have suffered heavy losses, proving that any successful e-business strategy will survive provided it is based on a solid brick and mortar foundation, a la Barnes and Noble, another famous online bookseller.

To summarize, exemplary customer service, successful online advertising and special discounted offers made Amazon and books synonymous terms today. COM This Fortune e company offers a collection of premium sites for custom ad-buys and sponsorships in various fields — Business, automobiles, entertainment, technology, travel and health.

They help markets build brands, increase sales, maximize revenue and build one-to-one relationships with their customers. They offer agencies plans to manage online campaigns. Their direct marketing strategies use customer data to refine marketing messages and increase investment returns.

One of their divisions, Abacus is one of the largest databases of buyer behavior in about 90 million households in the United States itself.

Some of their clients include www. It is thus creating enormous interest in the world of IT, banking and finance as well as many other industries.

There is little doubt that growth in this area will continue as more organizations join in the fun, establishing and cultivating business relationships, performing business transactions, distributing knowledge, and implementing competitive strategy.

Corporate life, particularly in America, is being transformed by the Internet. Banks and financial firms are currently operating in such a new business environment, and they are responding to the changes in myriad ways.

Banks and financial firms are sailing into new water that holds both promises and dangers. On one hand they have the know-how specific to banking and financial, and for the large players, they enjoy the trust of their customers.

But they are burdened with legacy systems consisting of their management structures, reward systems and computer systems. They would certainly have to prepare themselves properly for the cut and thrust of life in the brave new world. To get an idea of the convenience made possible by e-banking, just consider the role of money in economic transactions.What Is the Project About?

The e-commerce market in Poland and the world is growing at a dizzying pace. Very quickly, it is absorbing new technologies to make life easier for everyone using e-commerce platforms. E-COMMERCE It is commonly known as electronic marketing. It consist of buying and selling goods and services over an electronic system such as the internet.

E-commerce is the purchasing, selling & exchanging goods and services over computer network or internet through which transactions or terms of sale are performed electronically.

E commerce another dimension business

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