Analyses the leadership of carlos ghosn

Brushing up HBR fundamentals will provide a strong base for investigative reading. Often readers scan through the business case study without having a clear map in mind.

Analyses the leadership of carlos ghosn

They gave CEO Rick Wagoner a vote of confidence and publicly disclosed that they are monitoring the company's performance on a week-to-week basis.

Before applauding their greater involvement, though, it is worthwhile to revisit a decision the directors made two years ago, under Wagoner's guidance, to scuttle a proposed alliance with Renault-Nissan. But the alliance's savings might have come at a steep price for GM's senior management.

One proposed strategy called for a "repopulation" of GM's executive ranks with outside talent. That presumably would have forced some incumbent managers out of their jobs - a shocking development at a company where executives seem to enjoy lifetime employment regardless of their performance.

The strategy also called for the creation of a to person SWAT team separate from day-to-day management that would drive the implementation of the pact - another huge blow to GM's status quo.

Analyses the leadership of carlos ghosn

A GM spokesman said the company couldn't comment on specifics of the proposed deal because all the relevant internal documents had been destroyed. After this story posted, GM submitted a response to my criticisms. You can read it here.

To be sure, there are a few things to keep in mind. This analysis comes from Renault-Nissan, and at a time when the auto landscape looked a lot different than it does today, with sky-high gas prices and plunging car sales in the United States.

It's not clear if the partnership would have achieved the results the report claims. What is clear is that the proposed pact represented bold action - something GM has long needed but so far been unwilling to take. Since joining, the companies had become stronger, and were now both being successfully run by CEO Carlos Ghosn.

Wagoner and Ghosn agreed to talks, but after several months the deal was scuttled. GM demanded cash compensation for what it said was the unequal division of synergies; Renault-Nissan refused to make any payments, saying they would be incompatible with the spirit of the alliance.

The analyses obtained by Fortune, which were prepared to support the Renault-Nissan bid, proposed a sweeping consolidation of operations for both sides, with commensurate efficiencies and savings. Similarly, GM would take over all work on V-8 engines for the alliance, while responsibility for diesels would fall to Renault, and Nissan would assume leadership in electronics.

The day-to-day plans for the alliance seemed straightforward and relatively easy to execute. GM's assets more fully utilized. Since the proposed alliance collapsed, Nissan has moved on to greener pastures.

It has arranged two product-sharing deals with Chrysler, and according to last week's Wall Street Journal, it is talking with Chrysler about expanding the relationship by jointly producing midsize cars. GM, meanwhile, has been in almost continuous decline, running up huge losses in its North American operations as it tries to restructure its workforce and reengineer its product line.

It is racing to develop the kind of small cars that Renault-Nissan are already building and to reduce its dependence on gasoline-powered engines with the kind of power-trains that Renault and Nissan are in the process of developing.

At the time he rejected the Renault-Nissan alliance, Wagoner argued that "It would have potentially been a distraction to our current turnaround effortsFilip Mathot liked this Interesting Bloomberg interview with Carlos Ghosn on Francine Lacqua talks the future of the autos industry, driverless cars and the leadership style Title: Finance Director looking for an .

7 hours ago · On the corporate front, shares of Renault trades sharply lower approaching 3 year lows after reports that Chairman of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance Carlos Ghosn . The A case describes how leadership unity was achieved and maintained across party lines between and It also analyses the policy development and resource allocation processes put in place in the devolved government of Scotland.

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