A personal perspective on our knowledge of reality

Rummel When we perceive any object of a familiar kind, much of what appears subjectively to be immediately given is really derived from past experience. In learning to draw, it is necessary to acquire the art of representing things according to the sensation, not according to the perception.

A personal perspective on our knowledge of reality

Wed Jul 22, 7: We 'define' direct perception with 'thought'. All definition is perspectival, it seems. We define's em as we see's em And we are all unique. For you opinion, that's all. Isn't that what I gave you? Though I would argue, that from the vantage of only the perspective, we are not all unique.

A personal perspective on our knowledge of reality

It is the definition of Perspective. All Perspectives must be unique or the meaningless paradoxical notion of two Perspectives being exactly the same they would have to be exactly ONE Perspective. And that is, of course, nonsense.

Hence, all are unique.

Constructivism - Learning Theories

And everyone else that perceives. To wit; A rainbow is a portion of the base of a 'cone', of which, you are the 'apex'. Someone standing shoulder to shoulder with you is standing at a completely different apex viewing a completely different basal segment than your base.

A different 'cone' entirely. It is not possible for the two of you, even if one nanometer, one quadrillionth of the radius of one photon phart, to both see the same rainbow. Perspective works like that. The 'rainbow' is Mind. It, of course, doesn't seem like that in the 'mundane' world.

That's the 'appearance', anyway. In what way is a predetermined and calculated perspective unique? Did I just fall into the Twilight Zone? I have said nothing of "predetermined and calculated perspectives". Those are your words, you chew em. If you define unique as merely a different point of matter, then that's not really unique at all.

Its actually quite common to be a different point of time and space. Uniqueness is only available through quality. Perhaps my rainbow example, above, will help clarify what I am saying. Who is the 'you' that wishes to change what you perceive? So, you are a god that can alter your perceived universe in accord of your wishes?

I certainly understand such a prideful egoic Perspective. I often am one. Of which you are and integral feature.

Re: Is Perspective Reality?

Who wants to change what? Happy to return your money outside the back door I might as well choose to ignore it and live a fuller happier life believing in things like love, and infinity, and beauty. Ow wait, whose choosing?Using paradigm perspectives to Create your reality. Instead of trying to prove ourselves objective, what if we embraced the idea that we can, and do, alter our concept of reality to fit our personal paradigms.

Preceptorship is a strategy commonly used in nursing education. Its benefits have been reported in assisting nursing students and novice nurses with reality based knowledge, skill acquisition, confidence, and professional socialization.

Throughout the quest for knowledge, one cannot help but be influenced by his or her personal point of view. As human beings, we all approach this quest from different aspects, while interpreting knowledge in ways unique to our own reasoning, emotion, perception, and language.

Epistemology: the theory of knowledge embedded in the theoretical perspective and thereby in the methodology. The first three questions seem rather obvious to most researchers but many question why we need to understand and be explicit about our epistemology and ontology.

A personal perspective on our knowledge of reality

C) we never have objective knowledge, but only our subjective perspectives. D) we tend to distort reality, but with care we can learn to reason objectively. According to your text, Georg W. F. Hegel, the nineteenth-century German philosopher, although he himself was not a relativist, provided a framework for historical relativism.

Constructivism in Psychology: Personal Construct Psychology, Radical Constructivism, and Social Constructionism realities exist apart from our knowledge or consciousness of them, the whole world being dependent on the mind” (p.


). limited realists assume that the correspondence between knowledge and reality is imperfect. According to.

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