A brief story of my childhood and painting career

At the time, this was a small town on the outskirts of Mexico City.

A brief story of my childhood and painting career

Check new design of our homepage! Here is a short biography and life history of Pablo Picasso. ArtHearty Staff Last Updated: Aug 26, Pablo Picasso was one of the most popular painters of modern times.

His most famous paintings include Les Demoiselles d'Avignon' and Guernica.

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Given below is the brief biography of Pablo Picasso that outlines his life, talks about his art, the famous Picasso paintings and his controversial love life.

His father was a painter and a professor of art at the School of Crafts, and also the curator of a local museum. Picasso learned the basics of art from his father. Picasso also attended the Academy of Arts in Madrid, but dropped out within a year of joining it.

Picasso had two younger sisters, Lola and Conchita. Life History His real work and career as a painter is said to begin around with a painting called The First Communion which showed his sister Lola; and the more famous painting by Pablo Picasso called Portrait of Aunt Pepa. Inhis realistic style of painting became influenced by Symbolism and came across in a series of landscapes where he used violet and green tones in the colors.

From to was a period where Picasso was creating paintings in a Modernist style which emerged due to his influence and exposure to the works of Rossetti, Edward Munch, etc. In the yearPicasso visited Paris for the first time. He lived with a friend, Max Jacob, who was a journalist and a poet.

This was just the beginning of Picasso's career. These were difficult times, spent in misery and hunger. He completely illustrated the first edition of the magazine.

While in Paris, Pablo Picasso had a propensity for entertaining and had among his friends people such as Andre Breton and Gertrude Stein. Gertrude Stein proved to be one of his earliest and most loyal art collectors.

All the paintings by Pablo Picasso are usually classified into various 'periods' based on the moods and styles of the paintings.

These, in turn, were largely affected by his personal and love life. The Blue Period to is called Picasso's Blue Period because many of his paintings in that time were in the shades of blue and blue-green. The subjects of these paintings were prostitutes and beggars. An etching called the Frugal Repast also reflected his somber mood of the time.

Career as painter

Blindness and destitution were an integral part of this theme of paintings. It was also during this time, that he began using the image of a harlequin, in checkered clothing, as his personal motif in his paintings. The Rose Period to is called Picasso's Rose Period where his paintings became cheerful with the use of orange and pink colors.

These paintings also featured harlequins. African Period to is called his African-Influenced Period where Picasso's drawings were inspired by African artifacts.

A good example of this period is his painting titled Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. This painting actually shook the art world. The story even says that Picasso hid this painting for a very long time and had shown it only to few very close friends.

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A Brief Yet Engrossing Biography of Pablo Picasso

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A brief story of my childhood and painting career

She combined traditional Mexican folk art with surrealism, making her paintings a symbolic form of self-expression.

A self-taught artist, painting was not her first choice as a career, until a tragic incident changed her destiny and left her severely injured. Gerhard Richter. Forty Years of Painting. The Museum of Modern Art.

Musée d'Orsay: Painting

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